5 tips to find the right office location in London

24th September 2020

Find the right office location in London to attract and retain staff and create the right impression with clients. So, whether you are a large or small business and whatever the size of your office space budget, you might like to consider these factors before choosing a new home for your business:

1) Easy access to your office

When you’re looking for the perfect office space in a perfect location it helps to have a clear idea of the travel preferences of your clients and employees.

Easy access to your office address via train and tube stations and bus routes is absolutely key in London. For those that prefer to drive, parking spaces are also important (and much rarer in Zone 1). And, if you do drive to the office, you have to consider the London congestion charge. So, choosing a location slightly further out might be beneficial.

2) Prestigious location

The image of your business matters to you and affects your ability to attract clients. Office location does impact this perception. Your business and client type – wealth management for high net worth individuals for example – might dictate a prestigious location, for example. If your clients don’t visit your business – online retail for example – then this is less of a consideration.

3) A location that offers value for money and flexibility

For many businesses the question is, how can you find affordable office space in Central London? Serviced office space gives you the opportunity to have an affordable office with a monthly licence agreement and this gives you control over your budget. Subject to availability, a flexible workspace provider should give you the ability to offer additional office space as your business grows or if necessary, move you into a smaller offices.

4) An office with the facilities that your team will value

Knowing what services and facilities that your team need may be an important factor in your office location. If a member of your team has disabilities, then ensuring that your chosen building has the access and facilities for them is a must have. If the team is young and sociable, they might want to be in the heart of the action, in Soho or the City. Every team also needs good breakout space on-site to get away from their desks, so a gym, bike storage and showers are often at the top of the wish list. Finally, internet connectivity and WiFi performance have become the key deciding points when finding your ideal office space. Ensure that flexible, dedicated bandwidth is available.

5) A good location for networking

A larger, shared workspace can also offer the opportunity for networking. A flexible managed workspace, offers a combination of small and medium size enterprises, from start-up companies and entrepreneurs to more established businesses and international firms. Before choosing a serviced office space it is worth checking which companies are already based in the building.


So, make sure that you ask yourself, your team and your clients the right questions to help you find the right office location in London for your company. Create a list of must haves and nice to haves and stick to them. And, if you need some help, look at our office locations and call our Sales team at LentaSpace on 0207 953 8080 for a chat.