Five ways to make your office a destination

17th February 2022

Many companies are struggling to lure their teams back to the office on a regular basis after so long working from home.  So, we’re offering you some simple, practical advice to just that – Five ways to make your office a destination.

Get the basics rights

What’s the one thing that colleagues disagree about most?  The temperature!  Ensuring that the heating/air conditioning work properly and are set at a level to please most of the room is more important than it sounds, but hopefully a quick win!

Make your office welcoming

It sounds obvious but creating some atmosphere in your office space could be the next step.   The rows of homogenous desks and clinical white walls of the classic office space might once have been aspirational, but after everyone has been working in more homely environments for the past two years, adding a little character could be a good idea.  Considering hanging a few pictures and adding some plants, or maybe a company logo wall sticker, to make the office feel more personal.

Organise regular social time within the day

Coming into the office doesn’t just mean staring at a screen these days. We all do that at home.  The benefits of your team being together is increased face to face interaction, which might feel like casual chatting time but ultimately improves mental health and team relationships. So, set time aside to have lunch together, order in and make your team feel valued.

Make team meetings an event

The team meeting – be it weekly, fortnightly, or monthly – is now an opportunity to encourage everyone in the team to come into the office. So, make it an event and put a bit of effort into planning.  Create an interesting agenda, maybe invite a guest speaker from another team, or a client – everyone likes to learn.  Ask everyone for their ideas on what to cover, so that they are engaged and ask others to lead on certain topics.

Pick an office with community

If you are currently looking for a new office, consider shared office space, or flexible workspace, which can make for a livelier working environment. These places often have shared kitchens and breakout spaces, so you’re more likely to bump into someone from another company whilst boiling the kettle. If you work for a small company, this can be a huge benefit, as it can feel as though you’re working in a more bustling environment.


If you’re looking for a new office destination for your team, consider LentaSpace and our 15 locations across London. Get in touch with our team here, or call 0207 953 8080 and they will work with you to find a space that welcomes your team in.