How to manage a hybrid office

9th May 2022

Clients want ultimate flexibility in office space in 2022.  They want space when they need it, with a low financial and time commitment.  Our latest blog, “How to manage a hybrid office,” explains everything you need to know about meeting your company’s office needs when they change daily.

What do you need?

The first step is to really think what you need the office for, how often you would like your team to come in. Is it just for team meetings? How often do employees want to attend a central office? You will also need to consider what does your employee contract state about attendance and your current office commitment.  What buildings do you own? Or do you have an existing lease?  If you don’t have any contractual ties to space its easier to make flexible choices.

Can you downsize your existing office?

If you already have an office, downsizing might be viable.  If less people are coming in, or you can create a “book your desk” approach to ensure no attendance peaks, then reducing desks might work.  If you’re in a serviced office, coworking or flexible workspace, this is easy, as contracts can usually be changed monthly.  If you are a leased space, you may be able to sublet some of your space, but only with your landlord’s permission.

Local hubs

Creating more smaller offices to meet staff needs might be a solution, rather than the traditional central city-based head office. Surveying where your team live, how far they would like to travel one or two days a week and what the coworking options are close to them might be a good halfway option to getting people out of their homes into a more formal workspace.

Office day pass solutions

The ultimate low commitment office solution is to buy day passes to coworking or flexible workspaces.  Companies that offer passes across a wide choice of workspaces across the country, like Hubble Pass and Othership, have grown in popularity.  Day passes can also be booked directly with workspace operators.  And it doesn’t just have to be one day. More favourable deals can be done for multiple days per month for multiple desks if you would like a slightly more permanent base.  You just have to ask!

How to manage a hybrid office

So, there are plenty of flexible options to manage your office space around your team’s current and changing needs, you just have to take the leap and approach it with a fresh mind set.

If you’re looking for flexible workspace solutions in London, speak to the friendly  LentaSpace Sales team on 0207 953 8080 and they will come up with a simple solution to your ever changing office needs.