3rd May 2024

Pequod are a global leader in the provision of Marine Claims TPA and Recovery services, specialising in detailed data reporting and analysis. When things go wrong in commercial shipping they work with insurance companies to investigate the loss and ensure a fair outcome for all parties.

The company has recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of their business, which they started back in 2004 at LentaSpace Coppergate House.  Amazingly, they have been loyal clients ever since, growing their business into the success it is today.

We spoke to Founder and Managing Director Andrew Bass to find out more about the company and how the experience of being a long-term LentaSpace client has been for them.

Tell us about your team

We have grown from an original team of three partners to 35 people and we are now a global company with offices in New York and Singapore as well as London. Over time we have entered new markets, come up against new competitors and taken on a lot of new business.  20 years on its still hugely exciting and rewarding running Pequod and we still have so much that we want to achieve.

Why did you choose LentaSpace to base your office?

When I set up Pequod in 2004 – alongside my partners David Green and Andy Fairfield – our motivation for choosing an office was all about location.  Lloyds of London are the centre of the maritime insurance industry, so we needed to be based close to them.  Coppergate House is just 10 minutes away so it was perfect. Our clients are also mainly City-based, so it worked well to be close to them for meetings and entertaining.

When we set up the business, having an office was very important to be seen as a legitimate business but it was quite an investment for a new company so price was important too.  We liked the warehouse history and look of Coppergate House (built in the 1800’s it was originally a grain mill and warehouse).  And the building was – and still is – easy in terms of travel, being really convenient for Liverpool St. station.

What works for you about Coppergate House?

We have stayed because we have been able to flex our office size both up and down over time, which has been really well managed by the team here. We now have a beautiful office on the 5th floor with its own balcony and great views.

LentaSpace have also upgraded the building, in line with the gentrification of the area and the  office space market trends; refurbishing the building and modernising the amenities, which we have benefitted from.  We’re proud to invite clients to come in and see us.

Above all, we have stayed because of the way the building is run by Katie and Bobbie-Jo, who managed the space when we started 20 years ago and are still here doing a great job.  They are good at communication, offer the personal touch and have created a real sense of community in the building.

You can find out more about Pequod on their website.

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