“LentaSpace provides a great base for therapists and Councellors”

LentaSpace provides a home to many London-based therapists and Claire Van Den Bosch, a psychotherapist, sees her clients in our City building, Token House, close to Bank and Moorgate Stations.  Claire bases herself in the building’s Wellness room, two days a week and spends the rest of the week working from her home clinic in Surrey. Claire moved her city practise to Token House in 2018 and chose the location because of the elegant building façade and quality of the space, “First impressions are everything with my clients and Token House helped me up my game professionally.”

“The location here is great, its central for my clients and so easy to get to” she says. They either work in the city, or its easy for them to travel across town to me. Not many who work in town can’t get to me, even if early or late and for me, that means that I can fill up the day’s schedule, which is important when I’m only in town two days per week.

Claire also believes that, “Token House offers a sense of luxury for my clients. The reception team are there to welcome them, they can make a cup of tea in the kitchen and then relax in the lounge, checking their emails on the WiFi before they see me. It’s more of a private space than a café with less bustle.”

The pandemic has grown Claire’s business internationally with online counselling the norm.  She now has clients as far as Hong Kong and Australia. “My work will continue to be hybrid and I even offer online sessions when I am in Token House, so the high-quality WiFi is essential for me.”

Its not just the building itself that makes Token House such an attractive base.  The area also makes a great impression, “The variety of local lunch and coffee options is also important to my clients, as they sometimes want to sit somewhere and decompress after their session. Coleman Street has the hipster chains, like Blacksheep, Coco de Mama and K10 for sushi. There’s also a new fancy coffee place called Dartbrooke Coffee, with great pastries and coffee table books.  It’s good for me to be able to recommend places to clients, to have those tricks up my sleeve.”

The team at Token House are really important to Claire too.  “Like lots of single practitioners, whilst my job is to look after others, it can be isolating and you need others to chat to, to eat with. The team are amazing, charming and great fun.  I feel loyal to them, and I look forward to seeing them every week.”

LentaSpace Token House is at Token House Yard, 3 minutes’ walk from Bank underground station. It comprises fully serviced private offices, with meeting rooms and breakout spaces.

If you would like to speak to our team about arranging a tour, call us on 0207 953 8888, or complete the online form here.