The 2024 Guide to Sustainable Commuting – Snacks

29th April 2024

If you’re worried about the environmental impact of commuting to London, The 2024 Guide to Sustainable Commuting does the hard work for you, by researching planet-friendly options when going to the office.  From recommending the most ethically produced work clothes and kit to the most sustainable (and hopefully independent)  places to buy coffee, snacks and lunch close to your London office locations.

This month we’re looking at how to satisfy your work day hunger pangs in the most sustainable way possible, in terms of ingredients and – let’s not forget – packaging.

Café snacks

If you need to grab something on the run whilst picking up a coffee, chances are that you will find yourself in a  café chain.  Pret a Manger, Costa, Starbucks, Caffé Nero – they all offer a range of convenient snacks – baked goods, bars and crisps etc.  Check out the sustainability sections on their websites in the links above to find out their policies on packaging, plastics, recycling, food miles and ingredient sourcing.

Great brands to bring from home

Buying work days snacks in bulk and bringing them with you can both save you time and make sure that you don’t make hurried, poor choices from a sustainability perspective.  There are websites which have done the hard work for you and gathered a selection of eco-friendly offerings, such as Snackfully. As ever, always read the small print with eco claims!

The key thing with any packaged snack is to remember to utilise your office recycling bins correctly, to ensure that the good choices you made in terms of packaging have a positive impact.

Local cafes

There are many independent cafes in London often offering baked goods, such as croissants etc. that are baked on the premises (reducing food miles)and are often wrapped just in a serviette or paper bag.  So, take another look at the area around your office.  Do they offer vegan or fair trade products for example? Do they have clear food mile policies? Independently run businesses often have clear policies in these areas, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Home made

Making your own snacks gives you the most control over their impact on the planet. There are more and more zero packaging dried good scoop shops on the high street, so its simple to bulk buy things like nuts and dried fruits. Or, if baking is your thing, you can buy organic, locally produced ingredients to make your own.

With home made snacks its also about what you transport them in – reusable tubs and wax wraps are a much better option that disposable plastic sandwich bags or clingfilm.

So, snack thoughtfully and reduce your carbon impact!

If you’re looking for a new London office, get in touch with our Sales team at LentaSpace.  With 13 London locations – all in walking distance to mainline or underground stataions – we are sure to be able to help you make a sustainable commuting choice.