The 2024 Guide to Sustainable Commuting – Travel

25th January 2024

If you’re worried about the environmental impact of commuting to London, The 2024 Guide to Sustainable Commuting does the hard work for you of researching planet-friendly options to travel to the office.  From recommending the most ethically produced work clothes and kit to the most sustainable (and hopefully independent)  places to buy coffee, snacks and lunch close to your London office locations.

This month we’re starting off by looking at travel options from train station to office and the eco impact of each.


There were 1.6 billion bus journeys taken in London in 2022 (source: TFL). With stops right outside all major London stations, it’s a super convenient way to get to the office.  But, how green are London buses?  Traditionally run on diesel, since 2021 all new buses are zero emissions. In summer 2023 the 1,000th zero emission bus entered the fleet and TFL claim that they have the largest zero emission fleet in Europe. It will take until 2034, at current estimates for all London buses to be zero emission, so its becoming more sustainable as a commuting option, but has some way to go.


With around 4 million journeys per day, London underground carries the majority of commuters to work.  With 272 stations and 402km of track it’s a quick and efficient way to get close to your office. But, how sustainable is it as a method of transport? All London underground tube trains are electric and zero emissions are produced in the tunnels. So, it is a very eco-efficient mode of transport, especially during rush hour, when the carriages are full.


It seems obvious, but the most eco friendly way to commute is just to walk. If your office is too far from home or station, maybe just get off the tube, train or bus a stop earlier, or walk when the weather is fine.   It all makes a difference.  Get some trainers and enjoy the fresh air!


With 120 miles of cycle lanes in London, the other way to get to the office under your own steam is of course by bike.  Lots of offices have bike storage – so that can store your bike safely – and showers and lockers so that you can change when you get there. The obvious difficulty is if you commute into London by train first.  However, foldable bikes, which are light and easy to carry are now widely available for little over £100.

Ebikes and Escooters

If your office is too far to walk, or you need to get to the office in  a hurry in the morning, renting an Ebike or Escooter could be a good sustainable choice.  Transport for London offer the only legal Ebike and Escooter escooter hire in London, through Lime, Dott and Voi, in certain London boroughs.  Lime claim to have prevented more than 25,000 metrics tons of carbon emissions to date through their Ebike and Escooter network. These services are easy to use, just download the app to find, unlock and pay for the hire and leave them in a  sensible place when you arrive.

Office location is key to a sustainable commute

To make sure that your team’s commute is as sustainable as possible, its helpful to find an office which suits the majority of your team location-wise, to reduce their journey time and ecological impact.  Think about looking for space near mainline stations into London and look for offices with bike storage and showers.

If you’re looking for a new London office, get in touch with our Sales team at LentaSpace.  With 14 London locations – many close to mainline stations – we are sure to be able to help you make a sustainable commuting choice.