UK Workplace Trends 2023: November

27th November 2023

Welcome to our monthly round up of UK workplace trends, where we pick out the developments which are currently affecting the world of work and office space and find out a bit more about the stories behind the headlines.

Gen Z are redefining office dynamics

A recent article in Work Design Magazine reported that contrary to prevailing trends, Gen Z, aged 18-24, is enthusiastically embracing in-office work, spending an average of 3.35 days per week at the workplace, as reported by FORA. This surprising trend challenges assumptions about the preferences of younger generations for remote work. The study reveals that Gen Z’s return to the office is not solely driven by the need to work but by the allure of modern workplace amenities. Notably, 37% of Gen Z professionals value workplace amenities, contrasting with only 12% of 55-64-year-olds. The most desired amenities, such as on-site gyms, spa and wellness facilities, and cafes, reflect Gen Z’s expectation for workplaces that support physical and mental well-being and cater to their social needs.

Read the full article here.

The Rise of Flexible Workspaces

In her recent appearance on the All Work.Space  Future of Work Podcast Zoe Ellis-Moore, CEO of Spaces to Places, discussed the evolution of flexible workspaces. In an era of changing work dynamics, flexible workspaces emerge as a crucial solution for businesses seeking adaptability and cost optimization. Ellis-Moore emphasizes the impact of flexible spaces on company culture, employee satisfaction, and overall business success.

Read the full article here.

Larger companies move to flexible workspace

Infabode recently shared an article based on the findings of the recent  Workthere Flexmark report. It found that larger companies and scale-ups now constitute a significant portion of flexible office members, reflecting a shift in how businesses approach real estate decisions. The report highlights stable occupancy levels over the last 12 months, with private office occupancy at 83% and shared office occupancy at 70.5%. The demands of flexible office members underscore the importance of meeting rooms and phone booths. Looking ahead, the report predicts growth in management agreements, online bookings, and spaces focused on lifestyle and design.

Read the full article here.

Gen Z workers want a bed and breakfast office

Recent research by Workthere, the flexible office specialist, has revealed what UK office workers say will make them happy and productive in the workplace. Those aged 18-25 named perks like napping pods (23%), office pets (21%) and exercise equipment (23%) as things they’d like to see in their office, suggesting the move to make offices more homely could inspire workplace happiness and productivity.  However, all age groups were in agreement on wanting spaces which made them more productive.

Read the full article here.

UK workplace trends summary

As ever, a busy news month, with the focus on how worker needs are likely to continue to shape the workspace experience and a continued move from leased to shared workspace.

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