Why Choose Flexible Workspace?

10th January 2024

Why choose flexible workspace? It’s the fastest growing office space style across the the UK for a reason. It offers fully managed, fully furnished office space that you could move into tomorrow.  Its hassle-free, with cleaning, utilities and WiFi included and there will be a building team on site to deal with any of the little details involved in running a building, from stocking the fridge with milk, to testing the fire alarms.

But, its worth taking a closer look at the big benefits it could bring to your business in a bit more depth, before committing.  Here is our take on why your next office should be in a flex space.

Low financial commitment

Buyer power is strong in the office space sector right now.  You have more options than the long term lease contract that ties you in for five or ten years to a fixed size space.  Flexible workspace contract terms are usually around 12 months (although longer commitment will reduce your monthly costs), with notice periods varying from just one to three months.  That might suit you as a  business owner if its tricky to predict your revenue over the three to five year time frame.

Better quality office space

Flexible workspaces are fully furnished, saving you buying or disposing of office furniture.  This also means that your office is ready to move into as soon as you are.  The shared workspace model also gives you access to more space and amenities – including kitchens, breakout spaces, cafes and fitness studios.

Flexible space to manage hybrid working

One day  the office is empty and the next everyone is in for a team meeting.  So how do you manage your space requirements?  In flexible workspace, offices are usually defined by the number of work stations, so you can specify your needs quite specifically.  You can also usually rent additional desks, or a whole office by the day when you need the extra space.

Community to attract your team to come in

Flexible workspace management teams work hard to offer opportunities to mix with your own teams and the other businesses in the building. They usually organize social events and networking and learning sessions. These types of events attract your team into the office and save you the time it takes to put together opportunities to socialize with your team

The right technology to improve efficiency without the investment

The technology set up in office space has become a lot more sophisticated in recent years and flexible workspace utilizes it to offer the best tenant experience. Door locking systems offer better security;  fibre internet, firewalls and secure WiFi provide improved data performance and security; meeting AV systems enable better hybrid meeting experience and workspace software provides online meeting room and catering booking, online contract signing etc.

Why choose flexible workspace?

Flexible workspace offers a low risk, flexible office space option, with high quality amenities, great community and premium technology.

LentaSpace have been managing flexible workspace since 1981 and have fourteen locations across London, including Strand, Waterloo, Kings Cross, Spitalfields and Southwark. Find out about our locations here.

If you are looking to move to a London flexible workspace in 2024, get in touch with our sales team on 0207 953 8080 or and they can show you office options within your budget.