Why flexible workspace is ideal for legal companies

6th February 2023

If you work in the legal sector and are looking for office space for your company, chambers or practise, the tried and trusted route is long term leasing or owned buildings.  However, with the recent developments in home working creating a different approach to office provision, it may be worth considering the benefits that flexible workspace, or serviced offices, could provide for you.

Fully serviced offices

Flexible workspace, or serviced offices, take away all of the minutiae of managing a building from a company.  All costs are covered by the desk price (offices are usually charged per desk), so no utility bills to pay or maintenance to manage.

Front of house staff manage everything from your post, to ensuring that there is milk in the fridge.  They are also there to greet your clients professionally and enhance your brand.

The “flexible” in flexible workspace refers to the terms.  Clients can upsize and downsize office space with a few weeks’ notice and short term, or rolling contracts ensure that your company is not tied down to a long-term office cost commitment.

Secure office space

Naturally, privacy and data security are a priority for legal companies and practises.  Locking systems, such as Salto Systems provide secure entry to the building and to each office suite, ensuring that shared workspaces are secure.

Meeting rooms

Flexible workspaces usually have a mix of meeting room sizes, available to hire by the hour or day.  So, that you only book them when you need them. Perfect for client briefings, team and board meetings.

Secure WiFi

Flexible workspaces usually include internet access and WiFi management as a part of the desk price.   Data security is clearly a high priority for any type of legal company and whilst shared workspace might seem to be a risk from this perspective, space operators invest in the latest security systems, outsourcing to IT specialists in managed internet for multi-tenanted buildings.

Your company can still have an IT set up to meet your exacting standards.  Most flexible workspaces will allow you to install your own internet router, set up your own firewall and VPN, as it’s a commonplace demand for the increasing number of corporates who are creating local office hubs for their teams across the country.

Why flexible workspace is ideal for legal companies

So, in summary, flexible workspaces are physically and digitally secure, hassle-free, provide good amenities and flexible licence terms. So, surely worth consideration?

LentaSpace Thanet House is a flexible workspace set in the heart of London’s legal sector, on Strand, opposite the Royal Courts of Justice. It offers a professional polished first impression, with a variety of sizes of private office suites, meeting rooms, plentiful breakout spaces, gym and bike store. To book a viewing, please call 0207 953 8080, or complete the form here and we’ll be in touch.