The 2024 Guide to Sustainable Commuting – Coffee

21st February 2024

If you’re worried about the environmental impact of commuting to London, The 2024 Guide to Sustainable Commuting does the hard work for you of researching planet-friendly options when going to the office.  From recommending the most ethically produced work clothes and kit to the most sustainable (and hopefully independent)  places to buy coffee, snacks and lunch close to your London office locations.

This month we’re looking at the most sustainable way to get your daily caffeine fix. According to the British Coffee Association we drink 98 million cups of coffee per day in the UK with 16% of us visiting a coffee shop each day, so the choices we make when ordering a latte have a big impact on the sustainable commute.

Buy a reusable cups

Bringing a reusable cup with you each day is the biggest step you can take towards an eco-friendly coffee habit, as disposable cups usually have a plastic lining and therefore end up as landfill. This recent survey in The Telegraph tested a range of reusable coffee cups to see how long lasting they were and whether they actually keep your coffee warm.  They range in price from £5-£40 and the more expensive tend to have thermal linings which keep the coffee hotter for longer.

Just don’t forget to wash it out every night!

Pick the right coffee shop

The next thing is to be choosy about where you buy your coffee. With a little research you can find a sustainable (and ethical) café.  A quick way to check is to look out for B Corp certification, as certified companies need to meet certain sustainability standards and demonstrate annual improvement.

Here are a few recommendations:

Kiss The Hippo – A coffee chain that claims to be carbon negative! They source coffee ethically and sustainably and have seven outlets across London, from Richmond to Shoreditch.

Ozone – With four cafes across East London, the BCorp certified chain connect coffee farmers to coffee drinkers.

Caravan – Offering 100% recyclable disposable cups and discounts for reusable cup customers, Caravan’s eight cafés across London, including sites in Chelsea, Fitzrovia and Canary Wharf. They won the Retailer’s Retailer 2023 Award for Sustainability.

Foundry Coffee – If you prefer an independent café and are in Southwark, check out this new café, who use compostible disposable cups, offer 10% discount on reusable cups and source their coffee through Curious Roo, whose ethos is one of social responsibility and sustainability.


Bringing your own coffee is a great option too, if your office has a kitchen (and cheaper too with the average cost of a coffee way over £3.00 in London). So if you prefer an instant coffee, look out for organic, fair trade brand options with recycled/recyclable packaging from brand like Little’s and Clipper.


If you’re looking for a new London office, get in touch with our Sales team at LentaSpace.  With 14 London locations – many close to mainline stations – we are sure to be able to help you make a sustainable commuting choice.